Missing cat puts international badminton player off her stroke

A TEENAGE international badminton player is struggling to retain her form - such is her devastation after her family’s pet went missing more than two weeks ago.

Anna Collis, 14, of Gorst Close in Letchworth GC, is currently ranked number three in the country in her age group, and is due to play in some major tournaments at the end of the month.

But her mother, Christine, says she is so upset at the disappearance of the family cat, Lucky, that she cannot concentrate on training.

“She’s really distraught and it’s affecting everything she does. She’s got some hefty tournaments at the end of the month, including in Germany, but she’s just not sleeping and is finding it hard to concentrate.”

She said her 10-year-old son, Leon, is also distressed.

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“Lucky never normally goes more than 20 yards from the house – she’s a real home cat,” said Mrs Collis.

“We think she must have been frightened by something and got out at the front.”

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Lucky, who is a rescue cat and was adopted by the Collis family three years ago, has been missing since July 18.

“We have looked everywhere,” said Mrs Collis.

“We are out every day for a minimum of three hours, putting posters through letter boxes and pinning them to trees.”

She added: “She’s got a digestive problem which will lead to further problems if we don’t get her back to give her her special food.”

Lucky is black with a patch of white fur under her chin, and white whiskers. She is thought to be about seven years old.

If you have seen Lucky, or if you know where she is, call Mrs Collis on 07846876416 or 01462 633911.

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