Baldock performer teams up with fellow Herts muscian for first EP

Milxnake and Shakila K have been collaborating on their first joint EP. Picture: Lucas Green

Milxnake and Shakila K have been collaborating on their first joint EP. Picture: Lucas Green - Credit: Archant

A musician from Baldock is to release her first track, ‘The Mask is Always On’, alongside a fellow Hertfordshire performer.

Serena Harmsworth – known as Milxnake – has collaborated with Shakila Karim, from Puckeridge, after meeting at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London.

It was the shared link with Hertfordshire that brought Songstress Shakila – known by her stage name Shakila K – and Serena together.

They have since become close friends, and have been working on Shakila’s first EP together.

Serena said: “I first met Shakila almost two years ago at ICMP London. We discovered that both of us were from Hertfordshire and, since then, we’ve got to know each other really well.

“When I first saw Shakila perform, I thought she was highly talented. I’m delighted to work with Shakila.

“We spend a lot of time together, complement each other’s skills – and we both like the same kind of music.

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“I hope people will like our first collaboration.

“If so, we’ll then be able to release more of the stuff we’ve been working on.”

‘The Mask is Always On’ is the first song Shakila has written entirely by herself.

She added: “I’ve worked with some brilliant people. They may not be famous just yet but they’re extremely talented and I’ve enjoyed working with them.

“I’m on a journey of discovery and it’s only now that I’m developing a clear artistic vision. I feel that I’m now much more mature musically – and I’m really enjoying working with Milxnake.

“I feel that she understands me really well. We get on like a house on fire and, hopefully, ‘The Mask is Always On’ will be a track many people will enjoy listening to.

“We expect to be working on lots of things together in the near future.”

Shakila’s and Serena’s college, ICMP, has been developing and delivering music education and training to students of contemporary music for more than 30 years.

The ICMP says that, within six months of graduating, over 90 per cent of the college’s graduates are in employment or further education, with around two thirds in music-related jobs or study.

Shakila K and Milxnake’s first EP as a collaboration will be available on Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music from Monday, August 20.