Green candidate for Mid Bedfordshire Gareth Ellis on why you should vote for him in the General Election

Gareth Ellis is the Green Party's parlimentary candidate for Mid Bedfordshire. Picture courtesy of G

Gareth Ellis is the Green Party's parlimentary candidate for Mid Bedfordshire. Picture courtesy of Gareth Ellis - Credit: Archant

Gareth Ellis, the Green Party’s parliamentary candidate for Mid Bedfordshire, has explained in his own words why you should vote for him in the 2019 General Election.

"I have lived in Mid Bedfordshire for over 30 years and for the last 10 years have been the energy and environment manager for Cranfield University.

"I am currently a parish councillor and was a district councillor on Mid Beds Council. I am a trustee of a local environmental charity and actively involved in a number of initiatives to improve the local environment.

"I have long campaigned to improve road safety and promote sustainable travel options.

"I have been a member of the Green Party since 2000, joining after realising that real action on the climate crisis requires political commitment.

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"I have spent the last 35 years fighting climate change, implementing sustainable energy options and protecting the environment. But the problem has grown. The climate crisis is getting worse, the environment has degraded.

"As an engineer I could see the technical solutions and as an environmentalist I could see the opportunities for improvements, but as an individual I was frustrated by the lack of government support. This is why I joined the Green Party - to join with others to ensure that the message gets through that the environment has to be a priority. As the Green Party candidate for Mid Bedfordshire I am keen to gain as many votes as possible to send that message. That serious action must be taken to de-carbonise our economy and to save our environment.

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"We are all threatened by this climate emergency and we need to find a way of working together to solve it.

"I support the call for a People's Vote and for us to remain in the EU. The global challenges we face require greater co-operation, not less.

"If we are all to work together with a common purpose then we need to ensure we have a society that works for everyone. We need to improve our public services after years of neglect.

"The Green Party has many policies which will improve people's lives, save the environment, protect animals and make the world a safer place."

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