Micahel Fuller: Justice system continually fails victims

I find myself very disappointed that you have not been able to name the school that Mr Fuller worked at. I believe that all parents who had and currently have students attending this school should have been notified that this monster had been put in a pos

I find myself very disappointed that you have not been able to name the school that Mr Fuller worked at. I believe that all parents who had and currently have students attending this school should have been notified that this monster had been put in a position of trust with our children.

I have a 12-year-old son who on reading your article was horrified to discover that his old maths teacher, who had on occasion advised my son that he could attend extra tutorial maths club after school, could have become another victim of this vile monster. My son has been deeply distressed at the thought that he or any of his peers could have been perpetrated and that as parents we would not have been any the wiser. My concern now is that with not identifying all three schools that Mr Fuller had worked in within Hertfordshire, there may well be other unspoken victims who are still too scared to come forward.

I can understand the parents of the victims anguish regarding Fuller's lack of sentence, especially in light of Det Insp Keith Tilley saying that Fuller is a dangerous and calculating abuser. It is therefore such a shame that our criminal justice system continually fails victims. Do they truly believe that by putting a person on a three year licence after release will stop the likes of Fuller from reoffending. Highly unlikely.

* Last year Mr Fuller was teaching at my school and was my maths teacher when we started this year.

It makes me sick that people like him could get so close to pupils and that he could even get a job in a school in the first place. This is extremely scary as he was my old maths teacher and he could have done this to me or my friends and no-one would know anything about it and no-one could help.

The fact that he has been found out and has been found guilty puts my mind at rest but the fact that he only got three years is disgusting!! I think he should be put away for life and should not see another child (or adolescent) forever. He could even get out in half the time.

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Not long ago there were big debates about whether people on the sex offenders list should be allowed to work with children, well I think this is a perfect example of why people should not be allowed to. If Mr Fuller does work with children again, that is almost like doing nothing about him being a pervert!!

* Apart from the fact that Mr Fuller should have been vetted right from the start, and obviously slipped through the net, now that he has been found guilty, he should have been given 15-20 years for each and every offence.

What is the good of three years, which will never teach him any kind of a lesson. When he gets out, he will only offend again and again it seems that is all he knows.

He should never be allowed out of prison and he most certainly should not be given any remission for good behaviour.

People like him should have his misdemeanour tattooed on his arm or hands SEX OFFENDER so that we all know what he has done, and he should still never be allowed to rejoin society.

* I am a Year 11 student where Fuller /Richards used to teach. I am good friends with most of those that have been assaulted. They have in the past found it really hard to talk about it. You hear about these things in the media, but when it happens to someone close to you, it leaves its scars.

I feel he should get double his current sentence, at least and why was he allowed to teach in our school in the first place???

* I am appalled at the short sentence Mr Fuller got. He should have got longer, at least more than five years and he should not be allowed out of jail in 18 months for good behaviour.

At school we all wish he got sentenced for life because of what he did!

We students hope that in the future we do not have evil people teaching us and later on in life our kids. It is not right.

* I have been a pupil at the school for about two and a half years.

I think he should have got a much bigger sentence than this. He could have got 10 years and many people say it was a mistake not to have had that long.

* I truly believe this sick and twisted man has destroyed the life of 10 young boys and their families. They will constantly have reminders of what he has done but yet in three years this man will be walking free.

I believe he should have got life! He has destroyed the young lives of 10 young boys. Why give him any less?

* I feel outraged at the lenient sentence handed out to Michael Fuller. Past experience shows he will probably serve one year before being released. This amounts to a penalty of 36.5 days for the abuses on each child. The justice system does not put much value on the innocence of our children. Ten years would have been more appropriate.

* Mr Fuller was a teacher at my school. I think that three years is not enough for the pervert, I think he should have a life sentence.

Please jail him for longer. I would not feel safe in this world knowing he was around.

* We sent our children to school to be educated, not to be abused!

- Where was the headteacher? Did they have a clue it was going on?

- Where was the education department?

They are letting our children down!!