Meet Ozzie: The cat who looks like Hitler

MEET Ozzie the cat, a friendly furry feline whose white coat and black markings have left people comparing him to Adolf Hitler.

Appearances aside, the one-year-old moggie couldn’t be more different to the Nazi dictator. But that didn’t stop poor Ozzie getting off to a less than purr-fect start in life, after he was orphaned when his mother died giving birth.

And staff at Berry House Vets in Hitchin, where Ozzie was being cared for, were worried that they wouldn’t find him a home because of his appearance.

Luckily for Ozzie, cat-mad couple Mark and Norma Dibley fell in love with his character when they visited the vet and they gave him a home, ensuring a happy end to their cat’s tale.

“We met a lady from the RSPCA at the vets, who said that there was one cat there who no-one would want because of his funny markings which made him look a little bit like Hitler,” said Norma, who lives in Whitehill Road, Hitchin.

“I took him out and had a look. I thought he was great, but I did think that he bore a resemblance. Then when we were looking at other cats, I heard this rattle, and I turned to see that he had climbed to the top of the cage and was peering at us.”

Crazy cat Ozzie was named after rock singer Ozzy Osbourne because of his personality.

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“We named him that because he’s a bit wild like Ozzy Osbourne the singer,” said Norma.

“He’s a little rascal. He brings in birds, which we hate, mice, pieces of bread, leaves. Basically anything that moves.

“People do say that he looks like Hitler when they see him. But really, he’s so cute and absolutely nothing like him personality wise.

“Comments on his appearance actually influenced me the other way. I’ve always been one for supporting the underdog.”

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