Meet our Christmas Day babies

Emma, David and baby Jacob

Emma, David and baby Jacob - Credit: Archant

Extra special presents were delivered to proud parents on Christmas Day as five families in Comet country welcomed the arrival of a new born.

Terina Tsang with baby Leo

Terina Tsang with baby Leo - Credit: Archant

Emma and David Metrovich, from Bancroft in Hitchin, welcomed their first born – a baby boy named Jacob Jonathan George Metrovich – at 12.50am.

Billy Barnes, Nicole Dunham and baby Ivy

Billy Barnes, Nicole Dunham and baby Ivy - Credit: Archant

Graphic designer, David, 37, said: “It was a real shock, Emma was due on Monday, but having Jacob on Christmas Day was absolutely amazing and very overwhelming. It has been a prefect Christmas with the best Christmas present and we couldn’t have wished for anything more.”

Mark O'Keeffe, Carly Morrissey and baby Evie

Mark O'Keeffe, Carly Morrissey and baby Evie - Credit: Archant

Emma, 33, was discharged from hospital 11 hours after giving birth to her 8lb 13oz baby. The trio enjoy their first Christmas by having lunch with family.

Iris, Scott, Emma and baby Anthony

Iris, Scott, Emma and baby Anthony - Credit: Archant

Nicola Dunham and Billy Barnes welcomed their own Christmas Day baby into the world at 11.03am.

Baby Leo with Danny and Terina Tsang

Baby Leo with Danny and Terina Tsang - Credit: Archant

The couple, who are from Valley Road in Codicote, named their first child Ivy Barnes, who weighed 8lb 12oz.

Nicola said: “I was due to give birth on the 19th but had to be induced, I’d totally forgotten that it was Christmas Day, but it has been lovely and the best Christmas present.”

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The 24-year-old dental nurse said she was now looking forward to resting and spending time with her baby.

Terina Tsang gave birth to her first child Leo at 2.43am on Christmas morning.

The 27-year-old, of Doncaster Close in Stevenage, said she felt “very tired” but was “relieved to be home” with her baby and her husband Danny.

Celebrating on the same day was Carley Morrissey and Mark O’Keeffe, 36, of Mulberry Way in Hitchin.

The couple welcomed Evie Morrissey-O’Keeffe at 12.24am. She weighed 6lbs 4oz.

Speaking of her third born, Carley, 34, said: “It was shock, I was doing my Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve and I was thinking that something doesn’t feel right. I was due to have her on the 29th. It turned out to be a very hectic day but a very happy one. It only dawned on us on Boxing Day that next year we will be celebrating Christmas and her first birthday.”

Emma Dowden-Teale of Wilbury Road, Letchworth GC, gave birth to Anthony Joseph Dowden-Teale at 11.56am on Christmas morning to give her two-year-old daughter Iris a brother to play with.

Emma, who works as a solicitor, was due to give birth on December 20, but husband Scott is not complaining.

He said: “It’s the best present you could ever hope for. We were very surprised but very happy.”

Anthony weighed 9lbs 8oz.

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