Meet our Christmas Day babies

LISTER Hospital welcomed 17 new arrivals into the world on Christmas Day.

The first baby born was from Hatfield, with other babies from Comet country following throughout the day.

Four families from Stevenage spoke to The Comet about their new bundles of joy.


• A MOTHER who gave birth to her first child described the experience as “amazing”.

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Cristene Bodoso’s baby boy, Kian Peter, was born at 7pm on Christmas Day, weighing 7lb 10oz.

The 29-year-old was nine days overdue, and had a water birth at Lister Hospital.

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“He was due on December 16, nine days late, and it was beginning to get really painful,” Cristene said.

“I gave birth in the birthing pool, and it was a really amazing experience. It was really good because the water was warm, so it made it much more relaxing.

“Yesterday, they said it was going to be in the paper, and I didn’t know what I was going to call him, so had to decide quickly! I had loads of suggestions, though.”

Cristene, who is currently living in Knowles Court, Stevenage, is moving back to former home Cheltenham in February.

“It’s good, because my family live there, and I’ll get their support,” added Cristene.


• A COUPLE got a surprise when their daughter was born a week earlier than expected.

Jurgita Kielene and husband Gytenis Kiele were given a due date of January 2, and didn’t expect their daughter to arrive until after Christmas.

But the tot, who was 7lb 4oz, made an appearance at 9.40pm. Although it took a few days to decide on a name, the couple, who live in Marcus Close, Stevenage, eventually settled on Paula.

They also have a son, four-year-old Evinas.

Proud father Gytenis said: “We are pleased to have her home. Evinas is quite young to understand, but we think he’s excited.

“We didn’t decide on a name right away, but we named her on Tuesday.”


• A MOTHER whose baby was nine-days late has returned home with her daughter.

Rita Kaminova and Sergey Kaminovs’ second child, Sofya, was born at 11.15am, weighing 7lb 15oz.

Rita, 30, was in hospital for two days before Sofya was born. She will be a sister to three-year-old brother Yuri.

Sergey, 33, who lives in Shephall Way, Stevenage, said: “We always knew to call her Sofya, as we knew from early on she was a girl. We are pleased to have her home, and Yuri is excited.

“She was supposed to be born on the 16th, so she was very late!

“Rita was in hospital on December 23 with the early stages of labour, so it was quite a long time, but we are home now.”


• A STEVENAGE couple have said that the birth of their daughter is “the best Christmas present ever”.

Cheryl Roberts and partner Dave Walsh, of Priestley Road, welcomed 6lb 15oz Keira into the world just before 5pm on Christmas Day, two days after her due date.

Cheryl and Dave, both 28, also have another daughter, seven-year-old Paige.

“My family thought it was the best Christmas present ever,” said Cheryl.

“I think I knew she was coming on Christmas Day, because I had contractions for three days. We had a few names we liked, and when she was born we decided on Keira.”

“Paige loves her. She’s trying to play mummy at the moment! We’re all so pleased to have Keira home.”

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