Meet Comet country’s royal babies

Narad Kutowaroo and his partner Samantha Slade with their baby Arabella Summer Kutowaroo born on Mon

Narad Kutowaroo and his partner Samantha Slade with their baby Arabella Summer Kutowaroo born on Monday - Credit: Archant

AS the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrated becoming parents for the first time, mothers and fathers at Lister Hospital welcomed their own newborn babies into the world on Monday.

Joanna Willett and baby Alfie

Joanna Willett and baby Alfie - Credit: Archant

The Stevenage hospital had 13 babies born on the same day as the future king.

Narad Kutowaroo and his partner Samantha Slade, 24, from St Ippolyts, welcomed their baby daughter at 10.17pm.

Arabella Summer Kutowaroo, who is the couple’s first born, weighed 7lbs 1oz.

Speaking about their new arrival, Mr Kutowaroo, who is a hairdresser in London, said: “It has been a wonderful day, I am so proud of my partner, and Arabella is just lovely.”

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The pair rushed to the hospital just after midnight on Monday morning, when Samantha’s waters broke.

“It’s all a bit surreal, but the staff at the Lister have been great and we would like to thank them all for all their help and support.”

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On choosing his daughter’s name, the 26-year-old said: “Arabella was always one of the shortlisted names, and Summer was a very last minute choice. “We thought it was such a hot day, the hottest in the year so we thought it would be fitting,” he added.

Speaking about his daughter sharing the same birthday as the new prince, Mr Kutowaroo said: “We always had a feeling that the baby would be born on the same day as William and Kate’s. The day will be marked nationally every year and that is a great thing. I would also like to wish them congratulations.”

Another couple who welcomed their baby into the world was Joanna Willett and partner Michael Atha, 39, from Letchworth GC.

Speaking to the Comet on the day after the birth of her third baby, Joanna said: “It was a triple celebration for us as Alfie was born on the same day as his dad. So it was amazing for his dad.”

Speaking about the birth, the 31-year-old said: “I was a week overdue, but when I went in, it all happened very quickly. I was in labour for 1 hour 38minutes.”

Alfie Atha was born at 6.13pm and weighed 7lbs 9oz.

The pre-school teacher said it was very exciting and a bit mad that her son was born on the same day as the royal baby.

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