Meet baby Santiago, named after ‘Goal!’ film character

WITH a name like Santiago, you may think this youngster has Hispanic roots. But in fact the five-month-old was named by his English mother and Greek/Irish father after the main character in the film ‘Goal!’.

Santiago Patrick Lacey was born at Lister Hospital in August, but wasn’t named until after the birth.

His mother, Nicola Whitehead, and father, Patrick Lacey, both watched the film seven years ago and had commented at the time how much they liked the name.

But it wasn’t until after Santiago was born that they named him, deciding that their son “just suited it”.

“Before he was born, we were throwing a few names around. I wasn’t that keen on naming him Santiago initially,” said Nicola, who lives on Ripon Road, Stevenage.

“My partner was more keen on it than me. But after he was born, we thought that he suited it.

“We wanted him to have an unusual name, wanted it to be one of a kind. We did think about Gabriel, but now I can’t imagine him being called that.

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“We have had mixed responses. Some people have said how unusual it is and how much they like it.

“But some people have been shocked and have said it’s a stupid name.”

The couple also named their son in light of the Chilean miner saga.

“We thought it might be quite nice, as Santiago was born in the same month and year as when the Chilean miners were trapped,” said Nicola.

“It’s a Spanish sounding name, so we thought it was quite fitting really.

“We still get funny looks when we tell people his name, but we don’t care as we love it and love him.”