Mastermind contestant originally from Knebworth specialises on Sylvia Plath opposite John Humphrys in semi-final on Friday

Mastermind contestant Dennis Tomlinson.

Mastermind contestant Dennis Tomlinson. - Credit: Archant

Tune into Mastermind on Friday night and you’ll see a postman originally from Knebworth in the famous black chair for the semi-final.

Dennis Tomlinson, who lived in Stevenage Road until he moved to London three years ago, was victorious in a heat broadcast in January.

His specialist subject then was the history of East Germany. This time he will answer questions on the life and work of poet Sylvia Plath.

“The producers ruled Philip Larkin out, since he had featured two years before,” the 50-year-old said.

“I selected Plath as being another of my favourite poets.

“Since it was my second time I felt more relaxed and, I think, more confident, though I knew I was facing stronger competition than in the heat.”

Dennis, who studied East German literature at Bath University, used to be a member of the Letchworth-based Poetry ID group.

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You can see him on BBC Two at 8pm on Friday night.