Man uncovers Hitchin shopping receipt from 1930s

A MAN has uncovered an old Hitchin shopping receipt from the 1930s, after his sister came across it at a car boot sale in Norfolk.

Peter Ramm, of Truemans Close, Hitchin, was given the receipt for W B Moss & Sons by his sister, who bought it for �1.

The item, which is dated October 1938, lists items including a garden mower, a ginger jar, tea plates and a green fitted carpet in bedroom.

Its total comes to �319, and it is addressed to a Mrs J Garrett, who seemingly lived in The Avenue.

“My sister said that when she saw it, she noticed it had Hitchin on it and she thought that I might be interested in it,” said Mr Ramm.

“I have no idea of the story behind it, but it would be good to know if there is one.”

* Do you know a Mrs J Garrett, or who the receipt may have belonged to? Get in touch by ringing 01438 866200 or emailing