Man trapped in river after trying to rescue his dog

WHEN Roger waded into a river to free his dog, he didn’t think it would be too much trouble. But the 62-year-old ended up getting stuck for nearly an hour, and had to be rescued by two passers-by.

Roger Crawford, of Shefford Road, Meppershall, was walking Bobby along Westmill Lane in Ickleford when the dog wandered into the river and got stuck in the brambles there.

Roger, who got trapped himself after going to free him, had to shout for help and was freed by two well wishers who heard his calls.

He later put up a tongue-in-cheek poster in the river warning others of wading in like he had done, although it has since been removed.

“It wasn’t at the time, but in hindsight it is quite amusing really,” said Roger, who has had Bobby for five years.

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“Bobby loves going in the water, and plays with his ball in there, but this time he got stuck and couldn’t get free.

“I waded in to get him as it seems shallow at the edge, but when you get into the middle it’s deeper and I was up to my waist!”

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“I just shouted - luckily I’ve got a good pair of lungs on me! Bobby was just looking up at me imploringly to do something, but obviously I couldn’t.”

Roger’s shouts attracted two men, one who was working nearby. Between them, they managed to free the pair by wading in and throwing ropes.

“I didn’t actually get the names of the men, but I am immensely grateful to them,” said Roger.

“The younger chap would have had to get changed as he actually went into the water.

“It was so cold, and he actually said as he got in how freezing it really was.

“All’s well that ends well. I just want to thank the two men who got me out, it was lucky they were there.”

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