Man targeted by egg throwing teen performs citizens’ arrest

A MAN who struggled to get police assistance after he was targeted by a teenager throwing eggs on a busy dual carriageway decided to take matters into his own hands and perform a citizens’ arrest.

A car pulled up alongside Jim McCormick when he was driving along the A505 between Luton and Hitchin last Tuesday, and an egg was thrown at his car by one of its occupants.

The “dangerous” incident left Mr McCormick fuming and, after attempting to contact police and being told no-one was available, he decided to trail the car and arrest the offender himself.

“I rang the police, chased the group through Hitchin and eventually caught up with them when they parked outside Greggs in the High Street,” said Mr McCormick, who claimed that the occupants of the car threw more eggs at pedestrians on the way.

“When I got there they had gone, so I waited and rang the police again, and said I was going to make a citizens’ arrest and someone better come quick, but they told me no-one was available.”

He added: “I was travelling along at about 55, 60 miles per hour. The egg didn’t hit me, but if it had, I would have crashed, no shadow of a doubt. It was incredibly dangerous and incredibly stupid.”

The driver of the red VW 2.0 – believed to be a lease vehicle – returned after a while, and Mr McCormick made his move.

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“When the driver came back and saw me there, he knew he was in trouble – he obviously recognised the van,” said the Letchworth GC resident.

“He tried to reverse out, but I stood in front of his car, put my hands on the bonnet and told him he was under arrest. After a few minutes, he got back into the parking space.

“I was quite determined he wasn’t going anywhere.”

After about 10 minutes, an off-duty police car with three armed police officers drove past. Mr McCormick flagged them down and, although they had not been called to the incident, they agreed to help.

The driver, a 19-year-old man from Hitchin, was arrested and taken into custody at Stevenage police station. He was handed a fixed penalty notice for public disorder.