Man’s lucky escape in Stevenage roof rescue

A WORKMAN was rescued from a roof this morning (Friday) after the CCTV aerial he was working on broke off and fell 15ft to the floor below.

Emergency services were called to Brent Cout in Silam Road, Stevenage, at around 10.30am to attend to the man who had been up a ladder working on the aerial on an outbuilding adjacent to the block of flats.

Two ambulance crews from Letchworth GC attended the scene alongside firefighters, who deployed an aerial ladder platform to rescue the man from the outbuilding roof.

Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson said: “Luckily the man was able to fall on to the roof and not to the floor below. Paramedics worked closely with firefighters on the roof to treat and stabilise him before he was lowered to the ground for further assessments.”

The man, who lives in Harlow and is in his 60s, was taken to Lister Hospital for treatment on a hip injury.

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