Man pleads guilty after Stevenage dog attack


- Credit: Archant

A man pleaded guilty to having a dog dangerously out of control today (Monday) after an incident in which another dog was killed and a woman was bitten.

Allen Talbot, 34, of Kimbolton Crescent in Stevenage, appeared before Stevenage Magistrates’ Court following the incident which occurred on March 24.

Talbot’s four dogs, all Staffordshire bull terriers, escaped from his home after he left the back gate open. The dogs then chased three women walking their own dogs in Shephalbury Park when one of the women was bitten by a dog.

Two of the dogs were brought under control by Talbot but the other two ran away and were involved in an incident in which a neighbour’s eight-year-old Yorkshire terrier was killed.

The dog responsible is currently being held in police custody and has been placed under a contingent destruction order – meaning it will have to wear a muzzle and be placed on a lead at all times in order to avoid being destroyed.

Talbot has been ordered to pay a £200 fine, a £15 victim surcharge, £500 in compensation to the owner of the dog that was killed and £150 in compensation to the woman who was bitten.