Major plan to help youths achieve their dreams

Youth mentors who give marginalised young people a chance to fulfil their potential are calling on volunteers and businesses to help fight government cuts and expand their initiative.

Members of the award-winning MBA team, based at The Oval in Stevenage, steer youths away from gangs and crime and into productive projects such as music, sport and art. Faced with grant cuts they have come out fighting with a plan to expand.

The organisation has teamed up with Pride Gym in Letchworth and youth sport and education initiative Pride Youth Project (PYP), to launch a fundraising campaign called MPower. The long-term aim of the campaign is to create a large sport, music and education centre for youths in the area.

Hayley Sherwood founder of PYP said: “Young people are increasingly becoming involved in gangs and carrying weapons through fear or fashion. They need positive role models and more opportunities to recognise their skills and abilities so they can feel valued, empowered and aspire to create a positive future for themselves.

“During 2011 to 2012 we will be holding many sporting and music events to raise awareness and funding, and to bring together as many local people as possible.

“Our next step will be to create a centre of excellence that the whole community will benefit from. In the interests of social welfare we will improve the conditions of life for children and young people, providing a safe and supportive environment, improving social skills and increasing morale and physical development.”

Halyley added that buying a specially designed badge from shops and workplaces in the area and signing up to a �1 a month pledge to the charity will help greatly.

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A first fundraiser takes place on Friday March 25 with a soul, jazz and funk night at the Times Club in Stevenage.

To find out more about how you can get involved on a personal or corporate level, email or call 01438 351104 or 07768417717.

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