Long lost cat back home with owners

A LUCKY black cat has been reunited with her owners three and a half years after she went missing.

Gucci, a 10-year-old, disappeared from the family home in Ryders Hill, Stevenage in April 2008.

After moving to the St Albans area shortly after, the family gave up hope of seeing her again.

However, after more than three years roaming the streets, Gucci was taken in by a family in Watson Road, Stevenage and brought to Wood Green Animal Shelter’s Heydon Centre where it was discovered she was microchipped.

On being reunited with Gucci, her owner Michelle Black, of Wheathampstead, said she was over the moon.

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She said: “When we realised she had gone missing, we put posters up on lampposts, in shops and my husband Lance walked for miles in search of her. It is great to have Gucci back.”

She thanked the people who took in Gucci.

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Animal rehomer at the Heydon Centre, James Inwood, said: “We were delighted to be able to reunite Gucci with her family, who were clearly worried about her welfare – even after three and a half years.

“This story stresses the importance of micro-chipping a pet. Micro-chipping is a simple procedure which sees a tiny device implanted under the skin which, when scanned, reveals a code number, unique to each cat and owner.

“This means that should a cat or dog go missing, their owners can be identified quickly and easily.”

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