Local elections 2012: Comet country electorate’s views

AS North Herts and Stevenage went to the polls, voters were letting us know what they thought of this year’s local elections.

The Comet, which used Twitter to break results and reaction, received dozens of tweets from residents, many under the hashtag #electionscomet.

Here are a selection of their views:

• Greg Kett @GregKettLopo

RT“@thecomet24: Turnout #stevenage 20,039 - 32 per cent. #electionscomet” I’m surprised it’s that high. Still 68% of people dont care inc me

• callum jackson @BIGC1236

@thecomet24 just waiting for these last few wards of Stevenage then im off to bed, :) #electionscomet

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• Benedict White @BenedictMPWhite

@sunny_hundal @thecomet24 These are disastrous turnout figures.

• Deborah Segalini @Debsalini

@thecomet24 my team in #Hitchin #Bearton talked with 1,045 people in the last month. Hundreds more earlier in the year.

• Laura Cotter @LauraJCotter

@thecomet24 people will abstain from Voting then moan when they don’t like what’s happening in their ward #moaning #electionscomet

• Baldock News @BaldockNews

@thecomet24 I think I got everyone else’s leaflets. Got loads all “blue” mind you & got two more today reminding me to vote #electionscomet

• Herts Enquiries @HertsEnquiries

@thecomet24 They’ve made no effort until knocking on my door this evening, little bit late for canvassing votes!

• Stuart Dunlop @sdunlop

@anetteqt @thecomet24 been very poor in Bandley Hill too. Still, one party will claim total success!

• Becky Hemmings @beckyhemmings

@anetteqt @thecomet24 I live down Pacatian Way too, and I have to agree. No effort at all.

• anette @anetteqt

@thecomet24 Haven’t seen anyone knocking on doors here, just shoving leaflets through.They’ve not made any efforts here along Pacatian Way.

• Julia Lawley @jules4422

Civic duty done. had an interesting conversation with my 5 year old about why I voted and democracy. @thecomet24

• John Birch @johnlbirch

@chrissyyy123 @thecomet24 You are not alone. For first time we received no election literature from any parties at all. I forgot it was on.

• ChrissyRussell @chrissyyy123

@thecomet24 This is my first year I can vote, but, I will not be voting as none of the parties bothered to tell me what their policies are.

• Rocket Radio @Rocket_Radio

@thecomet24 For the first year ever I am going to refuse to vote. I can be bothered, but none of them deserve it. #electionscomet #elections

• Sarah Stevens @mrsdantheman

@thecomet24 maybe people aren’t voting because like me they haven’t seen/heard from any of the candidates.I didn’t know who I was voting for

• Sharon Taylor @SharonStevenage

Well done to @thecomet24 and @106jack for taking interest in local elections. We need people to get more involved to improve turn out.

• judi billing @judibilling

@laura_burge Yes indeedy! Restored to our rightful place as main opposition party in NHDC. But we have better ambitions than that.

• Debbie Thomson @DebbieJThomson

@thecomet24 that is awful news. Shame on the 67% of people that didn’t bother to vote. Disgusting.