Survivors Against Domestic Abuse opens 23rd safe space as demand for services rises


The SADA service has seen in increase in demand during the pandemic - Credit: Stevenage Borough Council

A 23rd Safe Space has been secured by the Survivors Against Domestic Abuse team - helping another family fleeing to safety. 

Safe Space properties, the location of which is kept secret, provide an immediate protective environment for individuals and their families who need to exit domestic abuse situations, but who have no immediate and obvious alternative accommodation options.

They are provided with a drop bag ‘survival pack’ that provides essentials for those who have had to flee quickly, taking nothing with them.

Council leader and SADA chair Sharon Taylor: “It is wonderful to be able to add another much-needed safe-space property to our portfolio to continue the valuable work of our SADA service in support of domestic abuse survivors.

“The service has, sadly, seen a huge increase in the number of people needing help during lockdown and we expect further pressure on the service during the European football championships because we know from experience that, amid all the celebrations and fun, it also creates an upsurge in domestic violence cases.

"So this comes at a very welcome time and we will continue to add support services and new properties to our portfolio to help those individuals and families that need sanctuary.”

SADA can be contacted via - or you can call Herts Domestic Abuse Helpline on 08 088 088 088.

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