Who are our North Herts candidates for Local Elections 2021?

North Herts District Council offices in Gernon Road, Letchworth. Picture: North Herts District Counc

The candidates for North Herts District Council elections have been announced - Credit: North Herts District Council

The full list of candidates for next month's North Herts District Council's Local Election has been confirmed. 

The district council has 49 seats, with around a third up for election. Due to two resignations, only 47 seats were filled ahead of this year's ballot.

The postponed 2020 elections for the district council, as well as elections for the town and parish councils, and the Police and Crime Commissioner for Hertfordshire will take place on May 6.

As it stands, no party has overall control of NHDC, after the Conservatives lost six seats at the 2019 election. Labour's Martin-Stears Hanscomb is the current council leader.

There are 17 seats in 17 wards up for election, with a total of 72 candidates. 

The candidates are as follows:

Baldock East

Leo Chapman - Labour

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Juan Cowell - Conservative

Jane Turner - Green

Richard Winter - Lib Dem

Baldock Town

Tim Lee - Green

Steve Thomas - Lib Dem

Michael Weeks - Conservative

Alistair Willoughby - Labour


Dominic Griffiths - Conservative

Tom Hogan - Labour

Terry Tyler - Lib Dem

Hitchin Bearton

Ian Albert - Labour

Jonathan Clayden - Lib Dem

Ralph Muncer - Conservative

Anni Sander - Green

Hitchin Highbury

Paul Clark - Lib Dem

Deolinda Eltringham - Green

Angela Griggs - Labour

Gulshan Mulgat - Conservative

Leigh Smith - Christian Peoples Alliance

Hitchin Oughton

Thomas Grunshaw - Lib Dem

Mary Marshall - Green

Nigel Mason - Labour

Jacqueline McDonald - Independent 

Steven Patmore - Conservative 

Hitchin Priory

Raj Bhakar - Lib Dem

Sid Cordle - Christian Peoples Alliance

Des Stephens - Green

Peter Taylor - Labour

Richard Thake - Conservative

Hitchin Walsworth

Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg - Labour 

Charles Laing - Conservative

Sam Larsen - Green

Liz Townsend  - Liberal Democrat

Hitchwood, Offa and Hoo

Adina Claire - Green

Anton Jungreuthmaye - Labour

Claire Strong - Conservative 

Philippa Wright - Lib Dem 


Doug Jenner - Labour

Davina Malcolm - Green

Susana Muñoz Maniega - Lib Dem

Mandi Tandi - Conservative 

Letchworth East

James Durston - Conservative

Ian Mantle - Labour

David Morris - Green

Paul Ross - Independent

Mark Spender - Lib Dem

Letchworth Grange 

Simon Bloxham - Conservative

Amy Finch - Lib Dem

Elizabeth Hancock - Green

Sean Nolan - Labour

Letchworth South East

David Levett - Conservative

Paul Marment - Lib Dem

Hazel Middleton - Green

Martin Stears-Handscomb - Labour

Garry Warren - Reform UK

Letchworth South West

Alan Borgars - Green

Terry Hone - Conservative

Michael McGetrick - Social Democratic Party

Tom Plater - Labour

Phil Weeder - Lib Dem

Letchworth Wilbury

Amy Allen - Labour

Monica Bloxham - Conservative

Sal Jarvis - Lib Dem

Royston Meridian 

Adam Compton - Conservative

Hugh Parker - Green

Alex Prosser-Snelling - Lib Dem

John Rees - Labour

Royston Palace

Cathy Brownjohn - Labour

Sarah Dingley - Conservative

Hugo Rainey - Lib Dem

Steven Turner - Green

The Herts County Council candidates are as follows:

Baldock and Letchworth East

Leo Chapman  - Labour

Tim Lee - Green

Michael Muir - Conservative

Richard Winter - Lib Dem

Hitchin North 

Judi Billing - Labour

John Bishop - Conservative

Sid Cordle - Christian Peoples Alliance

Andrew Ircha - Lib Dem

Mary Marshall - Green

Hitchin Rural

Daisy Appoh -  Christian Peoples Alliance

David Barnard - Conservative

Anton Jungreuthmaye - Labour Party

Anni Sander - Green

Hitchin South

Derrick Ashley - Conservative

Barbara Clare - Trade Unionists and Socialists Against Cuts

Paul Clark - Lib Dem

Elizabeth Dennis-Harburg - Labour

Sam Larsen - Green

Leigh Smith - Christian Peoples Alliance

Knebworth and Codicote

Doug Jenner - Labour

Katrina Nice - Green

Richard Thake - Conservative 

Terry Tyler - Lib Dem

Letchworth North

Tina Bhartwas - Labour

Simon Bloxham - Conservative

Jerry Evans - Lib Dem

Letchworth South

Amy Allen - Labour

Alan Borgars - Green

Terry Hone - Conservative

Garry Warren - Reform UK

Phil Weeder - Lib Dem

Royston East and Ermine 

Ruth Brown - Lib Dem

Fiona Hill - Conservative

Stephen Lockett - Labour

Steven Turner - Green

Royston West and Rural 

George Davies - Conservative 

Ken Garland - Labour

Steve Jarvis - Lib Dem

There's still time to register to vote. Go to north-herts.gov.uk/home/elections-and-voting/register-vote to register by 11.59pm on April 19.