Liverpool fans hospitalised by Italian hooligans

THREE Liverpool fans from Bedfordshire were hospitalised by Italian football hooligans ahead of the club’s clash with Napoli tonight (Thursday) - two of them with stab wounds.

Gary Brown, 50, sons Adam, 17, and Daniel, 23, along with family friend Ross Hazeldene were set upon by a gang of around 20 to 30 Ultras at around 4am this morning near a train station in Naples.

Gary Brown was taken to the hospital with knife wounds to the thigh and head injuries, his son Adam suffered bruising.

Ross Hazeldene was also stabbed in the attack however Daniel Brown escaped unharmed.

Filippo Bonfiglio, head of Digos, the local department that deals with terrorism and political activity, said: “Ultras went out seeking English fans, absolutely.

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“There are groups of violent supporters here in Naples so we could hypothesise something like this would happen but it was impossible to prevent every attack everywhere.”

All three injured men have been released from hospital.

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Two other English fans were stabbed in another attack, though police say their injuries were not life-threatening.

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