Life threatening drugs stolen from Letchworth ambulance depot

PAIN relieving drugs were stolen from an ambulance depot yesterday night (Wednesday) which could potentially be life threatening if used incorrectly.

The East of England Ambulance Service are urging the public to keep an eye out for cylinders of the drugs, called Entonox, after staff based at Letchworth Ambulance Depot found their store room had been broken into and several cylinders taken.

The East of England Ambulance Service medical director, doctor Pam Crispin, said: “Although it used to be known as ‘laughing gas’ it is actually a painkilling anaesthetic gas.

“It has a variety of possible side-effects if used incorrectly, including feeling sick and a condition called tension pneumothorax, which can be very serious.

“It is very safe if used under the close supervision of a healthcare professional, such as a paramedic, midwife or anaesthetist, who will be monitoring the user carefully to make sure there are no complications.”

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Ambulance service spokesman Gary Sanderson added: “First and foremost this is a despicable and very dangerous act to carry out.

“This drug in the wrong hands could potentially be life threatening if used incorrectly.

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“If anyone is aware of the cylinders whereabouts, please contact your local police station as soon as possible.”

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