Libyan hostage’s outrage over town twinning comment

A MAN held hostage in Libya for nine months during the 1980s has hit out at a suggestion to twin a North Hertfordshire town with a community in that country.

Robin Plummer, from Letchworth GC, was imprisoned by the Gaddafi regime while he was working as a engineer in the country in 1984-85.

Mr Plummer was angered by a suggestion Councillor Gerald Morris put forward in a Royston area committee meeting about the possibility of the town twinning with a Libyan counterpart.

Speaking at the meeting Cllr Morris had said: “If we want to be really ahead of the game and twin with a Libyan town, how would we do it?” and added: “I’m serious.”

But 60-year-old Mr Plummer, who lived in Royston for more than 30 years, said: “What these people don’t understand is one of the residents of the town for 30 years was held as a hostage for nine months. It ruined my life, marriage, and finances.

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“They should do their homework before making comments like this.

“The best they could have done was to think about what they were saying.

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“If they had turned around and said they would like to twin with Bengazhi, the starting point of the revolution that appears to have overthrown the Libyan regime that took a resident hostage – that would be something we could work with.

“The impact of being taken hostage was life-changing – nothing has been the same afterwards.

“If people want to know what it’s like I have published a book.”

Cllr Morris was unwilling to comment.

More information on Mr Plummer’s experiences can be found on his website

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