George Floyd death: Letchworth vicar’s passionate address goes viral

St Paul's Letchworth vicar Jeni McQuaid said she felt "compelled to speak out." Picture: Jeni McQuai

St Paul's Letchworth vicar Jeni McQuaid said she felt "compelled to speak out." Picture: Jeni McQuaid - Credit: Archant

A Letchworth vicar has spoken out against the murder of George Floyd in a viral video address circulating on social media.

Jeni McQuaid, vicar at St Paul’s Letchworth, said she felt “compelled to speak up” after watching the footage of George Floyd’s murder.

In an impassioned social media address – which has been viewed over 12,000 times – Jeni said: “I was watching the news this morning and I just got so angry, and sometimes I think there are things which need to be said.

“Sometimes there are issues which are bigger than politics, particularly issues around the value of human life.

“The thing I want to say this morning, along with many other people all over the world, is that black lives matter.

Jeni added: “I am really conscious that I am saying this as someone who is super white, and super privileged, so on one hand, who the hell am I to say that?

“But last week George Floyd was murdered in broad daylight. He was murdered for the colour of his skin, and there are forces with power seeking to silence these legitimate protests.”

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Jeni finished the video with a passage from Psalm 139, adding: “George Floyd, for you, and everyone who has died in this way, may you rest in peace, and rise in glory.”

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