Letchworth smoker who’s now averse to cigarettes

AN ASTHMA-SUFFERER has kicked her smoking habit by finding a new one.

Charlotte Worbey took to poetry in her quest to quit smoking, picking up a pen when she felt the urge.

The Letchworth GC resident decided to give up her 15-a-day habit for health reasons, her non-smoking husband Lee and to save money.

The 26-year-old approached the NHS Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service for support and advice, and has since completed a 12-week course of Champix tablets to stay smoke-free.

“My husband doesn’t smoke and was giving me quite a lot of grief, so I didn’t want to let him down,” said Charlotte. “Money was also a factor as was my health, as I suffer from asthma. One day it hit me hard – why was I trying to damage my health even more by smoking?

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“The support my advisor gave me throughout my whole journey was fantastic. Even after my appointments came to an end, she said we could remain in contact over the phone if I ever needed her, which was extremely helpful.”

And when the cravings came, Charlotte had her own solution.

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“I wrote poems about how I was feeling whenever I had a really bad craving,” said Charlotte.

“It was a great distraction and really helped take my mind off it. By the time I’d finished the poem, the craving had gone.

“I now feel amazing and am so pleased I’ve gone smoke-free. It’s really helped my asthma and I don’t use my inhaler as much. I’m enjoying having a bit more money to spend, which I put towards Christmas, and my husband is delighted that I’ve quit.”

To contact the NHS Hertfordshire Stop Smoking Service, call 0800 3893 998.

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