Letchworth fish and chips shop frying for national glory

Lucy Seaton, Gema Moore, Nicola Cox, Mick Cox, Owen Dearman and Max Cox

Lucy Seaton, Gema Moore, Nicola Cox, Mick Cox, Owen Dearman and Max Cox - Credit: Archant

The team at a Letchworth fish and chips shop hope that their hard work will have paid off ahead of attending the Oscars of the industry tomorrow evening.

Cox’s of Letchworth – a fixture on Arena Parade for the past 20 years – is vying for glory at the National Fish and Chip Awards at Lancaster London Hotel tomorrow evening.

The awards team cast their net far and wide in search of frying perfection, with Cox’s bagging the regional title after coming through a series of checks, judging rounds and mystery visits over the course of the last six months.

Shop manager Mick Cox said: “Everyone is excited and we have been for a while.

“It is recognition of the hard work of the staff and the fact that we are a traditional fish and chips shop that has been consistent for 20 years.

“We will have no excuses if we don’t win, but the beauty of the awards process is that it is a chance for you to have a look at your business and to try and improve it – something that everyone here has been working hard to do since we put ourselves forward in July.

“We have had plenty of customers coming in to the shop to wish us luck – we have more customers than even we thought!”

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Mel Groundsell, who is corporate relations director of Seafish, said: “The high level of standards and professionalism embedded within the businesses participating in this year’s awards has been outstanding.

“I’d like to offer up my congratulations to Cox’s of Letchworth and wish them the very best as they vie to be crowned a winner, but also thank them for upholding our high industry standards and helping us to reinforce the UK’s reputation as the home of the world’s best fish and chips.”