Letchworth doctor stabbed wife to death, court told

A TEENAGE daughter witnessed her doctor father repeatedly stab her mother to death on the kitchen floor, a court heard on Tuesday.

Ria Jumaily, 18, made a 999 call to the emergency services before eventually managing to take the knife from her father and lock him in another room of his Letchworth GC home.

Retired GP Amad Jumaily, 60, is accused of murdering his wife June, 46, in a jealous rage after she had left him and begun a relationship with another man.

The doctor denies murdering his wife, claiming diminished responsibility.

Luton Crown Court heard that June had gone back to the family’s �450,000 home in Field Lane, on December 23 last year, to talk to her husband about how to divide their belongings.

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Opening the case, prosecutor Michael Speak said: “Ria was upstairs and heard shouting. Clearly something was wrong. She went downstairs and found her father was attacking her mother in the kitchen. Her mother was on the floor and the defendant was sitting on top of her. He was stabbing her repeatedly with a fairly large kitchen knife over and over and over again. It was a ghastly scene.

“Ria tried to stop him by shouting at her father and by physically attempting to get the knife from him. She had the presence of mind to pick up the telephone and dial 999.

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“She got through to the operator and her mother was still being stabbed before her very eyes. The 999 operator could hear the sounds of the appalling events that were taking place.

“Ria managed to get her father to give her the knife. He went to another room, leaving his wife on the kitchen floor. She had the presence of mind to lock her father inside that room on the ground floor of the house.”

June Jumaily was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead at 6.15pm that evening.

A post mortem revealed she had been stabbed 20 times.

Mr Speak told the jury that after Dr Jumaily was arrested and was on his way to the police station he said: “Why did you sleep around? Why did you sleep with the neighbour? I still love you.”

The case continues.

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