Letchworth car dealership tackles drink and drug driving with workshops raising funds for Comic Relief

Free workshops organised by Steven Eagell Toyota will tackle drink and drug driving.

Free workshops organised by Steven Eagell Toyota will tackle drink and drug driving. - Credit: Archant

Think you’re safe behind the wheel after a few pints or the odd spliff? Think again, you could be putting your own life and that of other road users at risk.

A special series of interactive discussions dispelling common misconceptions about drink and drug driving are being organised by local car dealership Steven Eagell Toyota.

The Letchworth branch in Icknield Way is holding workshops between 12-2pm on Tuesday, March 10.

When do you get a driving disqualification and for how long? At what rate do most people process alcohol? How many units are in different measures and types of alcohol? How soon after drinking could you be fit to drive safely?

There are many myths about drink driving, alcohol units and the law, which can often lead to misinformation among both new and experienced drivers, and these sessions by the National Drug and Alcohol Road Safety Charity are aimed at getting to the heart of the issue.

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Although drivers under 30 in England are far more likely to fail a breath test, the impact of drink-driving affects passengers, pedestrians, cyclists and other motorists, so if you would like to attend this workshop, contact 01908 248899.

The workshops are free, but a voluntary contribution of between £5-10 will go entirely to Comic Relief, helping transform lives in the UK and across Africa.

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To call Steven Eagell Toyota’s Letchworth branch ring 01462 688400.

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