Barclays bank in Letchworth to permanently close

Barclays bank in Letchworth

Barclays bank in Station Place, Letchworth, will permanently close in September - Credit: Google Maps

The Letchworth branch of Barclays will permanently close on September 30, after the bank said it had found only seven customers use this branch exclusively for their banking.

The Station Place branch saw a 60% reduction in counter transactions by personal customers - and a 65% reduction by business and corporate customers - in 2021/22 compared to 2019/20, Barclays said.

Of the 573 customers who used the branch 12 or more times in the last year, around half also use nearby branches, it found.

A spokesman said "90% of our branch customers also use other ways to do their banking, such as online and by telephone", and "only seven customers use this branch exclusively for their banking."

There are "many other ways you can still bank in your local community," Barclays said, directing customers to its Hitchin branch 3.4 miles away and its Stevenage branch 6.5 miles away, as well as to two Letchworth post offices.