Letchworth artist prefers the small town art scene to life in the big city


Frances - Credit: Archant

Forget Leonardo da Vinci and Jackson Pollock, this Letchworth artist says her work is inspired by Tomb Raider and Disney films.

Model replica of 'The Birth of Venus'

Model replica of 'The Birth of Venus' - Credit: Archant

Frances Hetherington is February’s resident artist at the Dot to Dot art gallery and cafe in The Wynd, where her ethereal sculptures and paintings have been put on show.

Frances graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2013, but she says she enjoys being a part of the small town scene in Letchworth.

After getting her break as an intern at Dot to Dot, she was honoured to be granted her first solo exhibition this month.

The 23-year-old said: “It’s very difficult to get into the art world in Edinburgh.

Light Lunch

Light Lunch - Credit: Archant

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“Letchworth is getting really interesting. There’s loads going on in the world of music and art. The atmosphere is gentle and nice. I really enjoy it. I would only go to work in a big city like London if I got a job there, I’ve got no burning desire to move for the sake of it.”

Frances explores the themes of desire, need, lost treasure and adventure in her work. Desire, she said, because ‘you can never find it and always want more.’

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She said: “I was inspired by Tomb Raider, and finding treasure.

“I dream of adventures, and want to go to the jungles of Cambodia and explore there.

“Most of my work is a trickle down from a childhood watching cartoons and listening to adventure stories that my dad told me.

“It’s come from a personal place. Some art is very worthy and pretentious.

“My main aim is to amuse and entertain.”

You can pop down to visit Frances’ exhibition – called Lust for Gold? – at Dot to Dot in The Wynd until the end of the month.

And you can find out more about her work online by visiting www.franceshetherington.co.uk.

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