Latest crime figures released for Beds and Herts

THE number of robberies in Bedfordshire has increased, placing the county fourth worst in England and Wales.

While the total number of reported crimes in Herts has fallen, according to the latest figures.

In the 12 months to June, the statistics published by the Home Office, show recorded crime in Herts fell by 10 per cent, with dwelling burglary down 17 per cent, vehicle crime down nine per cent and robbery down by 12 per cent.

Crime nationally fell by six per cent.

The number of burglaries in Herts is six offences per 1,000 population, compared to nine nationally.

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Chief constable of Herts, Andy Bliss said: “These figures show that Herts Constabulary officers, staff, specials and volunteers are focused on our key policing aims of reducing crime, catching criminals and keeping people safe.”

Bedfordshire police has seen a reduction in overall crime, recording 63 offences per 1,000 population, down 10 per cent on last year’s figures.

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The force had a 19 per cent reduction in domestic burglary, a 30 per cent reduction in non-domestic burglary, a 10 per cent reduction in sexual offences and an 11 per cent reduction in violence against the person.

As of June 2011 there were 824 robbery offences compared with this year’s figure of 851 – an increase of 3.3 per cent.

Beds assistant chief constable, Andrew Ricker said the force remained determined to drive down those crimes that most harm communities.

Commenting on the figures for robbery, he added: “We are not complacent and a great deal of work is going on to reduce this area of crime.”

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