Labour leader Ed Miliband visits Stevenage company

THE leader of the Labour party visited Stevenage this morning (Tuesday) as he praised businesses in the area and called for housing needs to be addressed.

Ed Miliband, accompanied by shadow chancellor Ed Balls, spent the morning at Propak Sheet Metal Ltd in Gunnels Wood Road, Stevenage, where he answered questions from employees, business people and Labour supporters about issues including housing, employment, education and taxes.

Mr Miliband described the metal work firm as “the best in the business” and said the Government could learn lessons from how it is run.

He said: “These are difficult times and we must work together. That’s what Propak does and that’s why it succeeds.”

Mr Miliband was also questioned about the need for more housing in Stevenage.

Speaking to the Comet after his question and answer session he was asked to respond to comments made by deputy prime minister Nick Clegg that Stevenage was a planning “success story”.

He said: “The thing I would say to Nick Clegg and the Government is they’re talking a lot about housing but they’re not actually delivering anything.

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“Let’s get the money into housing. For example we said about the auctioning the Government’s going to do of the 4G spectrum, which is potentially billions of pounds, should go into building homes.

“Sharon Taylor [leader of Stevenage Borough Council] has been doing a fantastic job here in Stevenage to try and buck what’s happening nationally, but I think the real issue is how can you have national government supporting local councils to make housing possible for people, and that requires resources.”

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