Cookery classes focus on children with special needs

Daisy Wright

Daisy Wright - Credit: Alison Burrows

A children's cookery school in Knebworth has been providing online classes to kids with special needs.

Daisy Wright from Daisy Bake has been helping the London Deaf Society and Oxford Deaf society and the Hatfield charity group Potential Kids, which specialises in Autistic and SEN children.

She said: “Prior to COVID-19, I ran physical classes in my garden studio running cooking parties, workshops, toddler cooking and after-school clubs which sadly had to stop due to the pandemic.  

“I had to think creatively, so I adapted my business to online learning which was slightly out of my comfort zone.

"Involving my children in the process was great for them and inspired other parents and children to join in too.

"I teach children from the age of two up to 16 years. This also gained interest from various charities who I have also been teaching during the pandemic focusing on children with special educational needs."

She added: “Online parties have become a celebration as well for children who cannot be with their friends where they can all come together on zoom and cook together, sing happy birthday and celebrate virtually.

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"Grandparents can join and be with the children when ordinarily they would be at their parties celebrating at home and are unable to at the moment.“ 

Various businesses have contacted Daisy to run online family classes as part of ‘Mental Health Week’ which really brought families together and create lots of happiness among peers and each other. 

“During the lockdown, myself and my two daughters, who are 12 and nine, set up a YouTube channel to help children create some fun in their weeks at home. 

"We would appear ‘live’ every Saturday voluntarily and we would have on average over 600 people join us from different parts of the world to cook along with us making things from cakes to cookies, pies to pasta, pizza and more.

"Also a great addition is teaching children of local celebrities who can comfortably learn to cook in their own homes without worrying about their privacy.“

Daisy Bake is also a finalist in the Little Ankle Biters Awards 2021 in the ‘Mumpreneur of the Year’ category.

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