Jon Ashton looks back on his time with Stevenage

Jon Ashton

Jon Ashton - Credit: Archant

After more than six years with Stevenage FC, defender Jon Ashton has left the club. The Comet carried out a question and answer session with the club’s former captain about his time at The Lamex Stadium.

Jon Ashton with former Boro team-mate Scott Laird

Jon Ashton with former Boro team-mate Scott Laird - Credit: Archant

It must be tough to leave the club after such a long spell. What are your fondest memories of your time at Stevenage?

There’s so many great memories from my time at Stevenage. I’ve made so many friends along the way and I’m glad to say lifelong friends. My fondest memories, probably quite predictably, are made up of all the success we’ve achieved. From the conference winning season up until promotion into league one to where the club is at now and everything in between. The victory versus Newcastle and the Spurs games are also highlights for me. I’ve loved every moment.

How special was it to be a crucial part of the Stevenage team during the promotion to the League/League One era?

To be a part of the team that won promotion first into the League and then into League One was one that will live with me forever, I’ll never forget it. It was something special. During that era we felt invincible. Although we had our share of lows the highs far outweighed them.

To captain the club must have been a real honour?

To be named captain of the club was a real honour for me. I’m proud that I wore the armband for a club that I grew to love over the years.

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How have the fans been for you during your time and since your departure was announced?

During my time at Stevenage the fans have been unbelievable. I cannot thank them enough for not only the team but also me as an individual. The songs and chants they belt out on a match day gave me an edge to my game that I thank them for. Since the news that I was to leave the club they’ve also shown me nothing but support and thanks especially on social media. It means a lot to me so now I’d like to thank them!

How disappointing is it now to leave? Did you have much notice?

I’m not going to lie, of course I’m disappointed to leave. Like I said, I’ve grown to love the club and I’m leaving some close friends behind. I’ll miss The Lamex at 3pm on a Saturday that’s for sure.

I didn’t get much notice, no. After the play off loss there was a few days of waiting for the club to notify players on whether they were surplus to requirements. So since then I’ve been doing what plenty of other footballers do at this time every year and try and get another club. That’s football.

What is next for you? Do you have a club lined up?

I don’t have a club lined up at the moment. I’ve got someone working on my behalf, gathering up all my options and then I’ll make a decision. Hopefully I can sort something out sooner rather than later but I’m not in a rush. I want to make sure I make the right decision for me.

What do you make of the club’s new direction under Teddy Sheringham?

I think the appointment of a new manager at a football club is inevitable at any club it’s just a matter of when. I don’t know Teddy personally but I’m sure whatever happens he’ll do it to the best of his ability, I know the players will work hard for anyone, so I hope for everyone at the club especially the fans and players, that you have plenty to cheer and celebrate next season.

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