Jimmy Savile molested me - claims ex Henlow Grange chambermaid

A WOMAN has spoken out about repeatedly being molested by Jimmy Savile at a spa hotel.

In an interview with a national newspaper Wendy Mantle said how she was abused by Savile when she worked as a chambermaid at Henlow Grange health farm.

She told the paper how the former BBC presenter would say how pretty she was and soon escalated to grabbing her breasts – then lying naked and aroused on his bed.

The woman, who was 18-years-old at the time, said that her father Jeffery Mantle, who was jailed in 2008 for raping a 12-year-old girl, led two 13-year-olds to Savile’s luxury suite at the hotel.

She said she had no idea her father was a paedophile until after he was exposed in 2008.

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She said: “While I was working at Henlow, my dad came there to see Jimmy with two girls aged 13 by his side.

“He said they were Jimmy’s nieces, but looking back I think they were for sex – one each.”

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The woman, who is now 53 and a mother of two, said Mr Savile was a regular guest at the hotel which is now owned by Champneys.

The hotel has a wing named after Mr Savile.

The Comet asked Champneys Henlow Grange if the name would remain, but no-one from the company was available for comment.

A Letchworth GC based child protection consultancy firm has hit out over the scandal.

Founder and director of Enough Abuse, Marilyn Hawes, said: “I think the situation with Jimmy Savile is horrendous. There are hundreds and thousands of Jimmy Saviles in society and most of the people have no criminal record.

“There is no point putting your head in the sand. It is about how we can make a safer environment for children,” she said.

Mrs Hawes, 59, said education was the most powerful weapon ensuring correct and real information about sexual abuse was given to people, especially to parents.

The mother of three whose children were victims of sexual grooming said she would like education to start at the most basic level in schools and at antenatal classes.

She said learning about sexual abuse was just as important as teaching children how to cross a road.

Mrs Hawes said it was important for people to recognise what grooming was.

The trained music teacher added: “Jimmy Savile was not a paedophile, he was a groomer, and that is why he got away with it.

“He controlled his audience, he had power and authority and it was the perfect opportunity for him to abuse his victims.”

When asked what people should do if they think they are being groomed she said to go with your instinct and communicate.

“In the Jimmy Savile case people knew about it but didn’t communicate it effectively,” she said.

“It is very important to have the courage to tell someone about it, don’t go to your grave and take this with you. It is not your fault.”

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