It’s ten-tastic!

MEET Lewis Cogan, who celebrated his 10th birthday on (Sunday)- the 10/10/10.

The youngster, from Ampthill Road in Shefford, was born in October 2000, and mum Vikki noticed the coincidence almost straight away.

“We realised that he would be turning 10 on this date not long after he was born,” she said.

“He’s really excited about reaching double figures.”

Lewis, who is a Year 5 pupil at Robert Bloomfield School in Shefford, is marking the occasion by going swimming and for a pizza with his family.

He enjoys football and athletics, belonging to clubs for both sports, and is also a cub scout.

“He wasn’t born at 10 o’clock, and he didn’t weigh 10 pounds, so it’s not a complete full house,” joked Vikki.

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“Hopefully it will be a good day all round.”