‘It’s really quite dangerous’: More complaints over Stevenage road and pavement repairs

Poor repair work in The Oundle, Stevenage, has left holes in the road surface

Poor repair work in The Oundle, Stevenage, has left holes in the road surface - Credit: Archant

Poor repairs to a road have left drivers dodging an increasing number of lumps and bumps – and left them with the hump.

After recent Comet coverage about the ropey state of many roads in Stevenage, Michael King and his wife Tracey have come forward with photographic evidence of road repairs in the town that have gone far from smoothly.

Michael, who lives in The Oundle, said: “Our road has been resurfaced, but I could have done a better job myself.

“It’s just a terrible job. It’s a joke.”

Tracey said the roadworks were completed on a Thursday and by the Monday the asphalt was coming off the road.

“I saw a van drive off with it stuck to its wheels,” she said.

“There are really large lumps coming off, leaving massive holes. It’s gradually got worse over time, where lumps have come away and become stuck elsewhere, leaving mounds.”

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A Herts County Council spokesman said: “We are aware of this issue. Our contractor experienced some technical difficulty during these works and will be rectifying the problems as soon as possible at their own expense. We apologise to residents for any inconvenience in the meantime.”

Tracey said a botched job has also been done on fixing uneven paving in the street, leaving an elderly woman in the street particularly vulnerable to a fall.

Attempts to fix the problem with asphalt have reportedly left a four-inch difference between surfaces.

She said: “The pavement has been pulled up by the roots of the trees by our house. It really is quite dangerous.

“One of our neighbours is in her eighties and she has tripped on it. It’s only a matter of time before she, or someone else, falls.

“It’s worrying because it’s really dangerous. Something must be done.”

A contractor for the county council is investigating, a spokesman confirmed.