‘It’s dangerous for anyone elderly’ – Perilous pavements in part of Letchworth claimed to be stop-gap surface built in the 1960s

Phyllis Rolfe, 76, is calling for action over the pavements on Letchworth's Jackmans estate.

Phyllis Rolfe, 76, is calling for action over the pavements on Letchworth's Jackmans estate. - Credit: Archant

Cracked and poorly maintained pavements on Letchworth’s Jackmans estate have forced a 76-year-old lady to have her mobility scooter fixed once a fortnight, and a neighbour says the surface was only installed as a temporary one – 47 years ago.

Phyllis Rolfe, of Swanstand, told the Comet there were two main patches of concern – one covering the pavement outside 79 and 80 Upper Maylins, and another about 30 paving stones long between the bus stop and the field on Radburn Way.

“It was bad when I moved here 11 years ago, and every year it freezes over and gets worse,” she said.

“A lady living in Upper Maylins, who was here when they built all this 47 years ago, told me it was put in as a temporary surface and they never came back to put in the proper one. If that’s true, it’s just unbelievable.

“I used to be able to zig-zag between the potholes, but now it’s right across the pavement so I can’t go around. I can’t go up on the grass because that drains the battery.

“It’s not just dangerous for me on the scooter, it’s dangerous for anyone elderly. We’re all elderly and disabled here. It’s the only road into town or to the local shops even.

“I’ve just had to go over very slowly. I think the shop’s fed up with tightening the bolts up all the time.”

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Phyllis said her attempts to raise the issue with Herts County Council and others have borne little fruit.

County councillor Terry Hone, who represents Letchworth South, told the Comet that he knew of the problems a month ago and had set aside funds to fix the pavements in his next highway locality budget, that for 2017/18. He said: “We are going to relay that whole patch.”

A county council spokeswoman added: “We will speak to our contractor to see if temporary repairs can be made. We apologise if this lady has not been responded to.”

The county council was unable to confirm whether the pavements really were temporary ones installed in the 1960s.