Invalid ‘humiliated’ after being forced off bus

A DIABETIC with a broken foot and wrist was forced to walk a mile and a half on crutches after a bus driver would not accept his ticket because it was partially illegible.

Stephen Sapstead of Bronte Paths, Stevenage, who also suffers from nerve damage and fibroneuralgia, said he bought a �3.20 all-day ticket on the SB1 in Chells to travel to the Old Town and then on to Lister Hospital last week for a check up after a fall.

But on his return journey he was refused admittance to an Arriva operated bus from the hospital.

“He just laughed at me,” the 56-year-old, said. “He threatened me with the police. I had to cross the road on crutches and I got stuck in the middle - he followed close behind me with the bus, basically physically threatening me.

He added: “It was the right ticket. You could make out the date and the �3, but not the 20p. It was how it came out of the machine.

“I told him I was diabetic and needed to get back for my lunch. I felt humiliated.”

After arguing his case for ten minutes, he felt he could not stay at the bus stop any longer and made his way to the Old Town. He added that he was taken “no problem” by a bus driver when he reached the High Street.

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“The other drivers were OK with it. I don’t understand why he acted like that.”

Mr Sapstead said he took the driver’s number and has made an official complaint to Arriva.

The bus company would not comment further than saying it is investigating the matter.