INTERVIEW pt2: ‘I’ve been waking up at 5am thinking about players’, says Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham

Teddy Sheringham - Credit: Archant

Stevenage boss says he’s made big mistakes already, but he hopes to learn from them

Teddy Sheringham says he has made ‘three big mistakes’ so far since becoming Stevenage boss this summer.

Although he would not be drawn on how he had erred, the Boro boss says he is doing his best to make sure he does not repeat the mistakes as he heads into his first season in management.

“I know I’ve already made mistakes. I’ve only been in the job five weeks and I’ve made at least three big ones. I hope I don’t make any more for tomorrow as it’s an important game for us,” Sheringham said.

“Life is all about learning, football is all about learning. I say that to my players. They’re young lads, I’m an inexperienced manager. I need to make sure I don’t keep making the same mistakes.

“My mind has been going at 10 to the dozen for the last three weeks, two weeks, and then last night I had a great sleep.

“Whether it’s all boiled into one and then all of a sudden my body says I need a good sleep…but most of the time I’m waking at five, six in the morning and thinking ‘if I play him with him and then put him there I might be okay and that system might work’.

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“Last night was ok, and I’d like another one of those, that’d be lovely.”

Sheringham says he expects to face an ‘enthusiastic’ Notts County outfit on Saturday.

The Magpies come to the Lamex Stadium having signed 18 players this summer, and Sheringham says Boro will have to be on their guard.

Sheringham said: “It’s not easy to put 20 new players together and tell them to go out and perform how you want.

“I do hope that works in our favour but you never know. [They have] new players and they’ll have excitement and enthusiasm in their make-up that they want to impress.

“We’ll have to be on our guard; they’ll be full of energy, I know that.”

The Boro boss also admits that home performance during pre-season have not been up the standard he expects.

Boro have failed to score in their games against Nottingham Forest, Millwall and a Spurs XI, losing all three.

“The three performances we’ve had at home have been pretty dismal for our preparation for the season….I hope the fans take it for what it is, pre-season and all about learning,” Sheringham says.

“Now the season starts, this is what we’re accountable for. [I hope the fans do not] take it as our fourth game as such in front of them, and [instead] look to turn up and get behind us and give us support

“Go with us and [we’ll] hopefully work hand-in-hand with their support and the passion that we’re hopefully going to generate.”