INTERVIEW: Andrew Fox on his time in Texas, at Peterborough United and now Stevenage

Stevenage's new signing Andrew Fox

Stevenage's new signing Andrew Fox - Credit: Archant

Andrew Fox says he is looking to help Stevenage battle for promotion this season following his move to the club from Peterborough United.

The left-back signed a deal with Boro last week and today explained that he has already hit it off with Stevenage boss Darren Sarll.

The 23-year-old has been brought in primarily as a left-back but during a four-year scholarship spent playing out in Austin, Texas he was accustomed to a role further up the pitch on both the left and right wings.

And Fox believes his attacking intent is one of the things Sarll has seen in his game that persuaded the manager to bring the former Posh player to the club.

“I think that when Darren and I spoke through the summer he wanted someone who would be hard-working, very committed and ambitious and I hope I’ll be those things,” Fox said.

“[I’m] just willing to work hard, buy into the system and I think that’s why we’ve got off to a good relationship and why it’ll be a good season for us.

“I had a great experience at Peterborough. It was my first year in professional football.

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“Coming over from four years in the States doing a scholarship it was a good learning curve. I learnt a lot and worked with some great people there and improved my game in a lot of ways. Hopefully that’ll translate into this season.”

Asked what the ambition is for the club this season, the defender added: “Promotion really. I think that’s the ambition. I don’t want to dance around that.

“I think all of us here know what we want. We want to win every game we step on the pitch for and at the end of the year be up there.”

While Fox admits that a background which saw him miss out on academy football to go to the USA on a scholarship before returning to play for Peterborough is unusual, it also has its advantages.

“It’s not a typical route in. There are not too many people who would do it and if they do to then come back to England to play is a bit rarer as well,” he added.

“Every story has its advantages. There will be things I’ve learnt on my path that others haven’t and I hope that compliments me when I come up against others.

“It was a big step [last year]. It was the best standard I’ve played. A better standard than in America, though that standard was very good as well. That took a bit of an adjustment. I tried to learn on my feet and do that as quickly as possible.

“When I was in the States I played most of my football as a right winger, and was a goalscorer out there.

“That’s one of the things I’ve spoken about with the manager as well; playing left-back is a good opportunity for me to get high and get further forward.”

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