‘Inevitable’ Arlesey Masterplan rejected by council

The Arlesey Masterplan is to be discussed tonight (Tuesday)

The Arlesey Masterplan is to be discussed tonight (Tuesday) - Credit: Archant

The Arlesey Masterplan was rejected by councillors in a vote last night (Tuesday) despite the fact they agreed ‘it’s inevitable anyway’.

The plan would see 1,000 new homes built, as well as retail units, a small supermarket and a new school.

Councillors voted for a motion ‘opposing the plan at this moment in time’ but said that if amendments were made they could accept the development.

Objections to the plan included the timescale of a relief road being built, the size development and the absence of a Neighbourhood Plan.

Cllr Chris Gravett said: “I am here to represent the views of the people of Arlesey and there are three or four issues that need attending to before we can get on with the Masterplan.”

Arlesey Town Council leader Nick Daniels agreed that the development was inevitable now and said the best thing the council can do is to support it so they can exert as much influence as possible.

He said: “This is our chance to put Arlesey on the map. If we say yes I think we will be involved in every step and get the most benefit.”

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Cllr Andrew Ward, who opposes the current Masterplan, said there was a need for a better plan.

Seven councillors voted against the plan, three in support of it and two did not vote because they had declared an interest.

The council were initially unable to vote on the issue because they had decided in March that the Masterplan could not be voted on until after a consultation that expires on December 16.

However, Cllr Gravett proposed a motion ‘opposing it in its current form’. This was seconded and therefore allowed a vote to be held.

Copies of the Arlesey Masterplan are available to view at Arlesey Town Council’s offices and at Arlesey Community Centre. Alternatively visit www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk/consultations