‘I think he should have lost his licence’ – Crash victim speaks out as driver sentenced on anniversary of five-car Hitchin pile-up

The scene of the crash in Hermitage Road, Hitchin, in December last year. Picture: @rahuljoshi_uk vi

The scene of the crash in Hermitage Road, Hitchin, in December last year. Picture: @rahuljoshi_uk via Twitter. - Credit: Archant

One of the victims of a man fined in the wake of a Hitchin town centre pile-up a year ago spoke this week about the effect the smash has had on his life.

Mark Tidey was one of three people taken to hospital after the five-car crash last December.

Now driver Adam Baig of Highover Way in Hitchin has been fined £450 for driving without due care and attention and £200 because his tinted windows were too dark.

He was also ordered to pay another £620 in court costs, and given nine points on his driving licence by magistrates in St Albans.

Mr Tidey, 52, who also lives in Hitchin, recalled: “I turned from Bancroft into Hermitage Road. I was looking to drive into the car park behind the shops opposite Hermitage Rd Bar and Restaurant.

“As I was turning, the car driven by Mr Baig had overtaken at speed the cars that were waiting behind me, and was effectively on the wrong side of the road.

“His car crashed into the front of my Audi. The force of the impact propelled my car up Hermitage Road into a succession of parked cars outside Felix Farley’s hair salon.

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“I was briefly unconscious, and came round to see people standing around my car asking if I was OK.

“I was in a lot of pain in my back, neck and shoulder. I was then taken to hospital, where I had to wait on a bed for 10 hours while the doctors checked to make sure my neck wasn’t broken.

“I used to play for Hitchin Rugby Club and was captain for four or five years, but the injuries from my crash have completely stopped me from playing rugby this year.

“Mr Baig pleaded not guilty all through 2015 – but then suddenly, on the day of the trial, he changes his mind and pleads guilty.

“This man’s been allowed to drive his car for 12 months, while I can’t settle my insurance claim for my injuries.

“Then he gets a slap on the wrist and a fine, while he’s ruined my life – and then allowed to continue to drive.

“I feel very disappointed he’s been allowed to keep his licence.

“The police were brilliant. They put in a lot of work to help bring this man to justice – so the fact he’s still able to drive is saddening.

“I think he should have lost his licence – in order to send a message to people who speed recklessly in towns like Hitchin that they shouldn’t do it as it puts lives at risk.

“I’d now just like to get on with my life again and put this behind me.”