I’m Spartacus! Herts baby names revealed

HUNNI-PRINCESS, Ged Spartacus, De Andre and Angel-J joined Hertfordshire’s population last year, as parents registered their unusually named newborns.

Registrars in offices across the county may have said “pardon?” once or twice before they duly noted parents’ creativity at civil naming ceremonies in 2010, an increasingly popular alternative to Christenings.

Blossom Bluebell, Honey Beau, Storm, Scarlet, Paisley, Neve, India and Saffron Rose also joined the girls, while Mozies, Jaxen, Chase, Roman Omari, Jaiyon and Eden swelled the boys’ ranks.

Across the county Isabelle and Jack topped the chart as the most popular girls’ and boys’ names.

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Top 10 most popular baby names in 2010:


Most Read

1. Isabelle

2. Daisy

3. Charlotte

4. Sophie

5. Sienna

6. Summer

7. Megan

8. Grace

9. Lucy

10. Olivia


1. Jack

2 Oliver

3. Daniel

4. Thomas

5. Joshua

6. Alexander

7. Charlie

8. Harry

9. George

10. Joseph