Hurricane Sandy delays Hitchin holidaymakers

IT MAY be several thousands of miles away, but Hurricane Sandy has still had an impact on several people from Comet country.

One holidaymaker has experienced first-hand the effect of the hurricane, which has been wreaking havoc on America’s east coast.

Dave Howard, from Hitchin, is currently in New York City on holiday.

Speaking to the Comet today (Wednesday), his son Joe said he is supposed to be flying back tomorrow (Thursday).

“But we’re not 100 per cent sure that will happen,” said Joe.

He added: “He’s basically said he’s just been stuck in his hotel. Everything was closed down, and everything was happening overnight.

“There was a lot of chaos, then in the morning, he said it cleared, and they all started the clean-up operation.

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“He’s not one to get scared, but he didn’t want it to ruin his holiday, because he’s paid a lot to be there.”

Another Hitchin resident, Penny Homer, was scheduled to fly out to New York on Monday for a friend’s wedding, but had to wait until today (Wednesday) for a flight.

“My friend is getting married on Friday, and we were really worried we wouldn’t make it,” she said yesterday from the airport. “They’re getting married in upstate New York, so are having problems with people getting there, although the venue is fine.

“I think ours is the first flight going direct to Newark today, all the others have been cancelled, so we’re pretty lucky.”

Sixth formers from Samuel Whitbread were also left disappointed, after their trip to the Big Apple was cancelled.

The students were meant to fly out on Monday morning, but were told on Sunday that because of the weather, they would not be doing so.

The trip has been rescheduled for February.