Howzat! Dad catches baby born in bath

A FIRST-TIME dad caught his baby daughter in his arms as his partner gave birth as she tried to get out of the bath.

Callum Levy, 22, got the shock of his life as he dashed to catch his baby from splashing into the bath water as fianc�e Emma Strachan, 21, gave birth as she tried to ease labour pains in the bath.

The expectant couple had gone to Lister Hospital in the early hours of Sunday morning but were told by nurses to return to their Julia Gate home in Stevenage as Emma’s waters had not broken.

She went to bed and then decided to have a bath at around 10am. As her pain increased, Callum called the midwife who told them to get back to the maternity unit.

“I heard one big massive scream and dropped the phone,” Callum said. “I went back and the baby was coming. I had to catch the baby because she was standing up in the bath.

“I got back on the phone and they were telling me to get in the car and come back. I said ‘it’s too late it’s here.”

The midwife then instructed Callum, who put Emma to bed with 7lb 15oz newborn Clairemarie still attached by the umbilical cord, before paramedics and a midwife arrived. Mum and baby were given the all clear.

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While Callum said instinct took over to protect his loved ones, he also had a small hand from Clairemarie’s two-and-a-half year old sister Letty, was also present at the birth.

“She was telling her mum not to scream,” Callum said. “She’s really glad she’s got a lovely little sister now.”