Howling wolf live at The Chequers

A new pub landlady has been pulling in the punters with a very unusual assistant.

Drinkers at The Chequers in Stevenage High Street have been left wondering whether they have had one too many after a wolf appeared in the pub last week.

Phyllis, a 14-month-old Alaskan Malamute (Canis lupus familiaris) - traditionally a sled and hunting dog with relatively recent wolf interbreeding as its Latin name suggests - has been getting used to her new surroundings after her owner Kyla Cox took over the pub on Tuesday.

Kyla, who moved from a pub in Acton to be closer to the countryside, said Phyllis is very friendly - despite her blood-chilling howl which she does instead of barking.

“She loves people. She’s a right tart. She loves men. A lot of people just come in to see her – she gets more attention than me!”

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Phyllis, who is much bigger than her other close relative the husky, also loves to swim, and jumped in the Stevenage Clock Tower fountain for a splash around on a visit to the new town, making everyone laugh Kyla said.

The 25-year-old said she helps around the pub by letting her know when she has a customer.

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“She’s not here to protect me, but she makes me aware that someone’s come into the pub. She goes into pack mode. She can sense things a lot quicker than we can.”

But mainly Phyllis is a loving friend she added. “I idolise her and she idolises me.”

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