Homes plan sparks controversy

Residents are opposing plans to put 88 new homes on fields at the edge of Stevenage.

Householders in the Poplars area are against a planning application by developer Logic Homes for a mixture of one and two bedroom flats, and two, three and four bedroom houses on fields between Edmonds Drive and Aston End Road.

David Jarrett of Parishes Mead said: “The residents here do not want this to happen and I am sure that the people of Aston End will not want to be effectively joined to Stevenage.”

He added that a meeting between concerned residents and developers had been “a farce”.

“Logic Homes held a public consultation although I use the term loosely because it turned out to be a farce, held at a time when many people would still be travelling home from work. There were very few copies of the plans and no structure to the meeting at all. A representative from Logic seemed overwhelmed at the response, agreed that another meeting should be arranged at a better time with more structure and information available but of course this has not happened.”

Chairman of Aston Parish Council, David Stimpson, said while he understood the need for houses in Stevenage, parish councillors and residents in the village felt the plans were insensitive.

“The majority of the development is right along bordering Green Belt. We feel that they should have acknowledged the Green Belt to make it less in your face.” He added: “Residents fear that Stevenage is beginning to get big and muscle in this direction. We don’t think they are being very sensitive.”

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He was also concerned about pressures on the road network and water resources as well as street light pollution.

But Stevenage Borough councillor for Bandley Hill, Joan Lloyd said homes like the ones proposed in her ward are “like gold dust” in the town.

She said: “In planning terms it looks like a fine development. It is not high density and a good mix.

“It is on a site that has been designated for development for a long time. The consultation at Ridlins was attended by a fair number of people. I know that the developers took a lot of their concerns on board.”

The proposals will be considered by Stevenage Borough Council’s planning committee on December 14.

Comments can be left on the council’s website up until this time, enter planning reference 10/00470/FPM.

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