Homes evacuated as fire threatens explosions at garage

FIRE crews are tackling a blaze in a High Street this morning.

Homes were evacuated after the emergency services were alerted to a blaze at DAG Auto Repairs in High Street, Kimpton at 8.10am.

The single storey building measuring 20 by 15 meters contains highly explosive acetylene cylinders, the fire service said. Fire crews evacuated 100 meters around the premises including residents in the Wick and Fringeline, and additional acetylene cylinders have been removed from surrounding buildings.

Flames as high as a house could be seen at one point, witnesses said.

Two crews are tackling the blaze with one ambulance on site. There are no reports of casualties.

Police have closed The High Street and roads adjoining it, and asked residents to keep their doors and windows shut.

Kimpton Primary School is open as normal.