Hive of activity in empty Letchworth shop

The cordon at Leys Avenue in Letchworth

The cordon at Leys Avenue in Letchworth - Credit: Archant

A street has been partially cordoned off after a bee hive took up residence in an empty shop.

The bee have created a hive in the wall

The bee have created a hive in the wall - Credit: Archant

Hundreds of bees have created a hive in the former Argos store on Leys Avenue in Letchworth GC.

The hive was noticed yesterday (Monday) by members of the public and since then the Hertfordshire Beekeepers Association (HBA) has been out to investigate the site.

Shopkeeper Thomas Humfrey, who owns Postal Pursuits in The Arcade, said: “I’ve know about it since yesterday and I’ve been round to see the bees. They don’t worry me because it’s all cordoned off. Most people I have seen stare at it and wonder why it’s there.”

Malcolm Todd, secretary of the North Herts branch of the HBA, said: “One of our members has been out to see the hive and discovered it to be in the wall.

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“There’s not a lot we can do now apart from call pest control because once bees set up a hive they’re very hard to move.

“It’s disappointing and we never like to see it happen but there’s no other choice unless the bees can be persuaded to move with smoke, which doesn’t always work.”

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Paul McKenna, environment and landscape manager for Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation, said: “We expect and hope they will move on but in the meantime we are monitoring them with the help of the HBA.”

There was also a big swarm of bees reported yesterday in Wymondley Wood, situated between Willian and Great Wymondley, but they have since dispersed.

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